Hungarian Open Dancesport Championship - 2016. október 30.

Pro/Am dance competition again!

This is the 7th time a Pro/Am dance competition is organized in Hungary. A competition for amateur dancers, who can feel and act like the professional dancers this day. A nice dress, a fitting make-up and hair and a professional partner help you to do your best on the floor.

Dancing is love for the amateur dancers too. It’s a passion which help to leave the dark side of life behind. You can show what’s inside you while you are dancing and it makes you free.

There can be many reasons why someone can’t or just don’t want to find a dancing partner, but they still want to dance at a competition. The Pro/Am competitions are for them, where they can have their teacher as a dancing partner.

The dancers at the Pro/Am dance competitions organized within the Danza Kupa, enjoy dancing on the floor against each other and they always leave the sports hall with great experiences. Join us! We hope, lots of couples will take part this time too!